Top 5 Google Go apps that every Android user must try

It’s been almost a decade since Google introduced the world to Android OS. As of now, over 90% of smartphones on this planet are running on Android O.S, and day by day, the number keeps on growing.

Despite all the achievements, one of the areas where Google needs to work is on optimizing Android O.S.

If you compare iOS and Android O.S, one of the areas where iOS has always been ahead of Android is optimization, iOS is very optimized and doesn’t take a lot of resources, in contrast, Android O.S is more like resource hungry O.S that’s why these days’ high-end Android flagship  smartphones features 6-8 GB of RAM.

Anyways, if you are someone who is using a mid-range or budget smartphone that is having an octa-core or quad-core processor along with 1-2 Gigs of RAM, then don’t forget to check out these amazing lightweight Google Go apps from Google which will not only consume less memory but also will be utilizing the minimal resources.

About Android Go & Google Go apps-

Android Go is a lightweight O.S created by Google which based on Android Oreo v (8.0), it was initially launched by Google to run on low-end smartphones, which comes with 512 MB-1 GB of RAM and 4-8 Gigs of ROM, and also to consume minimal internet data.

Along with Android Go, Google also launched multiple lightweight apps; Maps Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, etc. which are specifically created to run on such low-end smartphones, and even in areas where internet speed is too low.

Now even though, Google Go apps were initially launched for low-end smartphones that will be running on Android Go O.S. Nonetheless, it can also be used in budget and mid-range smartphones, primarily, if you want smooth & fast performance.

However, there are a  few cons that you’ll notice will using these apps, for instance, with the YouTube Go app the highest video streaming quality you’ll get is 480p, hence, you won’t be able to watch videos at 720p or 1080p.

So, here is the list of top 5 Google Go apps that every Android user must try-

 Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Google Go

#5. Google Go

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Google Go Interface

Launched back in 2017, Google Go is very much identical to the typical Google search app that you get to see in all Android smartphones. Nevertheless, the Google Go app does offer a lot more control, thanks to its interface you can directly do an image search, launch Facebook, Google Maps/Maps Go, YouTube/ YouTube Go, check whether, and a lot more just by a click of a button.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-gogle go vs google

One of the pros of this app is the space and memory it consumes; in comparison to the Google search app, the Google Go only takes only 16 MB of your internal memory, which is almost ten times less than the Google search app.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-YouTube Go

#4. YouTube Go

As you can tell from the name, YouTube Go is the lighter version of the YouTube app; the YouTube Go app is a game changer for those who are using a 3.5K – 5K worth smartphone featuring a MediaTek or Snapdragon quad-core chipset.

This app not only consumes less data but also is fast, and it’s ideal for those who are having a smartphone with 720p screen resolution.

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Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Google_Maps_Go

#3. Maps Go

Maps Go another app made for Android Go O.S, the app, unlike the main Google Map, uses a web view function, so basically, it uses your phone’s web browser to show the searched places thereby consuming fewer resources.

The app also features some quick shortcuts for getting directions for four-wheelers, two-wheelers, and train and buses. And don’t worry, the Maps Go also provides real-time traffic information just like its elder brother.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Google Maps vs Maps Go

The Maps Go takes 299KB of your ROM, whereas, the Google Map takes around 100 MB, which is phenomenal.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Gmail Go

#2. Gmail Go

Launched in February, Gmail Go is also another top Google Go apps that every android user must try. The app like the rest of the other apps takes very little space, but provides almost every feature that you’ll find in the regular Gmail app, whether it’s smart inbox, setting up non-Gmail accounts, you’ll see nearly every significant feature in the lighter and smother Gmail Go app that you’ll find in the Gmail app.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Files Go

#1. Files Go

If you are using an Android smartphone, which is running on Pure Stock Android, then you’ll be missing out a File Manager due to which you won’t be able to access your files stored in your internal or external memory.

Google Go apps that every Android user must try-Files Go vs File Manager

The solution to this problem is a File Manager app which you can download from the Play Store. Now instead of downloading any of those File Manager apps, you can go ahead and download the Files Go app which comes with more features like freeing up memory by removing duplicate files, providing encryption, access to Google drive to store any desired data, and a lot more.

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So, these were the top 5 Google Go apps that every Android user must try, especially those whose smartphone is running out of storage. Hope you found this article informative and helpful.

If you have got any concerns, queries or suggestion, then feel free to post them in the comment section below.