Roz Dhan: The app lets you make money for reading and sharing content

If you are looking for a way to earn money online? Then there are several ways you can do that, from writing articles, selling photos, building apps, making YouTube videos, etc.

But what if you could earn money by reading and sharing articles, playing games? Sounds too good to be real right, well if you look on the internet, you’ll find multiple apps that give you an incentive on watching and sharing content available in the app.

            So, in this post, we are going to discuss one such app that genuinely lets you earn money if you watch and share the content.

About Roz Dhan App:

Roz Dhan app is an Android app that you can download from Play Store for free. The app provides you entertaining news content, lets you play games. Along with playing games, if you share the news with your friends, you get the incentive. For downloading the app from play, store click Roz Dhan app.

            Sharing news content is one of the ways through which you can earn money using Roz Dhan app.

Roz Dhan App details:

  • The app size is around 10 Mb
  • Android device must be running on Android 4.1 or higher version
  • The app requires your media, location and contacts permission
  • Roz Dhan app has gotten over 5 million downloads

How to earn money in Roz Dhan App?

Once you download the app, you need to signup using your phone number, once you successfully signup, you get Rs. 25.

            For getting additional cash of Rs. 25, you need an invite code. You can use the invite code given below to additional amount. Use the invite code “06R4DF”. 

Once you have completed, you can invite your friends using Whatsapp, Messenger, SMS. On each installation done by your friends, you will earn coins, which you can cash out using Paytm wallet.

how to make money in roz dhan app | roz dhan review

Besides, inviting friends, Roz Dhan app also provides news content. Once you read an article, you can share it with your friends on social media. On reading and sharing an article, you will earn coins.

This is one of the most significant benefits of using Roz Dhan app.

Once you earn up to 200 coins, you can connect to your Paytm account for withdrawing the cash. Remember, for processing; it will take 24 hours, so need to wait before cashing out the amount.

While reading if you do get bored, then don’t worry because Roz Dhan app you can also play games to kill time. And guess what when you play and shares games then also you earn coins.

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Other ways to earn money in Roz Dhan app

Besides playing reading, playing games, and sharing them, you can also earn coins in Roz Dhan app using the following ways:

how to make money in roz dhan app | roz dhan review

  • Editing your profile: Once you signup and enter the invite code, you get a total Rs. 50. To increase the earning, you can open and update your profile by filling up the required details.
  • Sharing articles daily: If you want, you can earn up to Rs. 40,000 cash through Paytm. However, for doing that you need to share articles and games daily.
  • Daily Check-in: To keep earning coins, you need to open the app daily and do sign-in.
  • Share Ranking list daily: Many are making 1000s of rupees using the Roz Dhan app. In the Roz Dhan app, you find an option for sharing Ranking list. All you need to do is share the ranking list daily.
  • Visiting top sites: Another way of making money in Roz Dhan app is by visiting the top sites available in the app daily.

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Overall, Roz Dhan app is one good app through which you can earn a reasonable sum of money daily. At the end of the day, if you give a look ‘How to earn money online’ is one of the most searched keywords in our country. And, there are not many alternatives available through which you can make a good sum of money by just sharing and reading the content.

Hope you found the article helpful and informative. If you liked reading this, then please do share it on social media.