How to transfer contacts from a Windows phone to an Android phone

When Windows 10 came out it looked like Windows Phone is gonna finally give some competition to Android and iOS but sadly that didn’t happen. Windows phone is now basically dead.

There haven’t been any new launches and Microsoft has already stopped the production of new Lumia phones.

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that they will not be sending any further updates for Windows 8.1, so now if you are still using a Windows Phone running Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Denim, then you should update it to Windows 10.

Anyway, if you are someone who has already bought a new Android smartphone or is thinking of buying one then one of the issues which you will face is transferring contacts from your old Windows phone to your new Android phone.

Now if you don’t know how to transfer your contacts from a Windows phone to an Android phone,  then please do read this post, as we have made a step by step guide which will help you to transfer all your contacts from your old Windows phone to your new Android phone.

First of all, there are no apps available for this, in fact, the lack of apps has been one of the major reasons behind the failure of Windows phone in the smartphone market.

Anyway, in order to transfer contacts from your Windows phone to Android phone, just follow the given steps.

#Step 1: Login to your Outlook account

The very first thing which you need to do in order to transfer your contacts from a Windows phone to an Android phone is to log into your Outlook account which you have signed in while you started using your Lumia phone.


#Step 2: Go to People

After you have successfully logged into your Outlook account, click on the menu button and then you need click on ‘People’ because this is where you’ll find all your phone contacts.


#Step 3: Exporting all your contacts

Once the page loads up, at the top you’ll see a menu bar, now click on ‘Manage’ and then click on ‘Export’. A file having an extension ‘.csv’ will get downloaded, which will basically contain all the contacts that you have saved on your Windows phone.


#Step 4: Login to your Google+ account

Microsoft saves all of your data in Outlook, similarly, Google saves all your Android phone contacts in your Google+ account.

So now you need to login to your account, and then click on ‘more’ and then click on ‘Contacts’.


#Step 5: Importing the ‘.csv’ file

Once you go to the ‘Contacts’ page, click on the ‘Import’ option, a popup window will appear, now select the .csv file which you have downloaded from, Once you select the .csv file click on ‘import’.


#Step 6: Synchronizing your Android phone contacts

Once you import the ‘.csv’ file, the last thing you need to do this go to your Android phone setting and then turn on ‘Contacts’ synchronization, while you synchronize, make sure your data connection is on or your Android smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Once the synchronization process gets completed all of your Windows phone contacts will now be appear on your Android phone.

That’s it this is how you can transfer your contacts from your Windows Phone to an Android phone.

Hope you found this post informative, nonetheless, if you are facing any kind of difficulties or any queries then please do leave them in the comment section below, we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

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