How to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay

If you are planning to start a YouTube channel or broadcast or even record your daily gameplay on your PC, then there are multiple gameplay recording software available on the Internet for free of cost,  and out of all those software, one of the top gameplay recording software is ShadowPlay from NVIDIA.

If you are someone who is using an NVIDIA graphics card and looking to know how to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay then keep on reading this post, as, by the end of it, you’ll not only be able to record your gameplay on your PC but also be able broadcast them live.

Now first thing first, before even thinking of installing NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your PC, make sure you have already installed NVIDIA GeForce experience, because until and unless you install the GeForce experience you won’t be able to use the ShadowPlay recording software.

How to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay-GeForce_Experience

To download the GeForce Experience, click here.

Once the installation is complete, Sign up with an account using either your Google+ or Facebook. Next, download the NVIDIA ShadowPlay software by clicking here.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay download file size is around 88 MB and it’s a free gameplay recording tool so you don’t have to pay any amount. Once the download gets complete, install the software.

Once the installation procedure is completed launch the GeForce Experience in order to access the ShadowPlay interface.


How to access NVIDIA ShadowPlay settings and record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay –

Just by launching the GeForce Experience, you won’t be able to open up the ShadowPlay interface. In order to access it, click on ‘Settings’.

How to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay-ShadowPlay_settings

Once you click on ‘Settings’, a new page will open, scroll down below, you’ll find ‘IN-GAME OVERPLAY’ tab, now click on  ‘Settings’.

How to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay-ShadowPlay_settings_layout

On the ‘Settings’ menu, you’ll get access to all the available options which you customize according to your need. For example, if you want to change the video recording settings, then click on ‘Video Capture’, and change the video recording settings according to your need.

Once you are done tweaking and customizing close the GeForce Experience window and launch any game you like.

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Once you launch a game, you’ll see the ShadowPlaywindow popup at the right-hand side of your screen. However, if you don’t see any popup don’t worry, you can press the ‘Alt’ + ‘Z’ key to launch the ShadowPlay window.

How to record your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay-ShadowPlay_interface

Once you see the ShadowPlay interface, click on the desired options. Suppose, if you want to record the gameplay using the ShadowPlay, click on ‘Record’, and then click on ‘Start’ in order to record your gameplay record, or if you want to broadcast your gameplay, click on ‘Broadcast Live’.

Moreover, you can also use the ShadowPlay hotkeys ‘Alt’ + ‘F9’ key to start and stop recording directly, and if you want to take screenshots, then you can use ‘Alt’ + ‘F1’ key, furthermore for broadcasting you can use the ShadowPlay hotkeys  ‘Alt’ + ‘F8’ key.

So, this is how you can record gameplay your PC gameplay using NVIDIA ShadowPlay. Hope you found this article helpful and informative.

Anyways, if you have gotten any concerns or queries then please do post it in the comment section below.