How to fix Google Chrome update error code 3:0 x 80040154

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows, MAC, or a Linux PC when it comes to internet browsing, Google Chrome is one browser which we all love to use, despite the fact that it takes up a large portion of the system RAM, the popularity Chrome has been going high.

Now, when we install the Chrome browser, several Google Chrome background processes also starts running, these services loads up every time when you turn on your PC. These background processes help in tracking the version of the Chrome browser and also notifies the user if a new version is available.

Moving on, a lot of users face issues while updating the Chrome browser, one of common error code shows up while updating Chrome is (error code 3:0 x 80040154). This is one of the typical errors which doesn’t go away if you restart your pc or restart the browser itself, Even though, it’s not a critical error but, but it’s one of those errors which require some manual intervention.

So, if you happen to be someone who is facing this error, then please do go through the following steps which will help you to fix Google Chrome update error code 3:0 x 80040154  on your Windows PC-

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Turn on background Google Chrome background services:

First thing first, one of the common reasons behind this error because of the update process being stopped from running, if you are using some PC optimizer application, it will disable the ‘gupdate’, ‘gupdatejm’ services, so you need to resume those services.

fix Google Chrome update error code 3:0 x 80040154-task manager

In order to resume those services, you need to open the Task Manager, then go to ‘Services’ and search for those mentioned services, Once you find them just right-click and select ‘Start’.

fix Google Chrome update error code 3:0 x 80040154-start up

If the services doesn’t resume then you need to right-click again, select ‘open services’, once you do that a new window will appear, search for the above services, right-click again and click on properties, on the pop-up windows you will find a setting option called ‘Startup type”, select the option ‘Automatically(delayed start)’, and then click on “Apply’ and then ‘Ok’.

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Restart your PC:

After applying the above fix, if you are still getting this error then restart your PC and then try to update it again, and before doing so clean the temporary files.

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Reinstalling Chrome Browser:

This may not be the best option especially for those who are not signed into their chrome browser using their Google account but the best way to get rid of this error is by re-installing the Chrome browser, because sometimes the error doesn’t go and this also happens because of corrupted or missing files which Chrome uses for updating. To download the Chrome browser, click here.

That’s it, that’s how you can fix Google Chrome update error code 3:0 x 80040154  on your Windows PC on your Windows PC, Hope you liked reading this post. If you found this helpful and informative then please do share it with your friends.

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