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Want to design your own sportswear with custom logos & text? Then you should try, which is an online shopping website, which allows the users to add custom logos & design to their products, for example, if you are looking to buy a sports uniform for your whole football team, and you also want the uniforms to have some logos & text on it, then you can easily get it done on Not only this, you can also add some of your own images to these garments, which you want to buy, all you need to this upload the images while designing the product. This is the only site, which gives you the freedom to try out such interesting features, and you will not find these awesome features in any other shopping sites.


One of the best things about this site is that they provide various video tutorials for their customers, so that, the customers can easily get familiar with the interface, and can easily design their desired products, without facing any kind of issues. So basically, you can easily get familiar with the interface by watching these tutorial videos. 

Using of sublimation machine uses  state of the art equipment machine along with the sublimation machines, which dye the custom logos & designs directly into the fabric, and they also have the ability to print out the logos & design in any area of the garment.  All the products ordered are made & shipped from Kensington,Maryland, USA.  With the help of these specialized machines, the products are made very quickly without any kind of hassle, which saves a lot of time and shipping is done quickly, and hence, the customer can easily get the product by a week, and the company also delivers product overseas, within a duration of a week or two.

Quality Product

All the products found in are from the company Lighting Wear, which is one of the leading manufacturing brands in custom sportswear uniform. They supply millions of sportswear to various clubs spread all around the globe, and all of their products are made from 100 % polyester fabrics, which makes the sportswear very flexible, & this is one of the main reasons for their huge success around the world.

Products offered offers products like lacrosse shorts, pinnies, sweatshirts & shooter shirts.

Support & Helpline has a vast number of technical help team, from which any user can get help instantly if he/she is facing any kind of issues. The site has a ‘Contact Us’ from which anyone can easily get the helpline number, mail ID, and below the page, there is a form in which you can ask any questions or queries to them by entering your name, phone no & mail id, so anyone can easily contact them regarding any matter or issue. Other than this, you can also contact them using social media like facebook, twitter, etc.

Blog also has a blog page where the users can share their ideas, designs, photos and more, which is a very good platform for getting ideas & discussions, all of you have to do this simply sign up.