Best gaming cabinets under 6000 in 2019

Pretty much, everyone, these days lookout for a gaming cabinet while building a gaming rig.

Buying a high-end gaming cabinet has its benefits; you get more space, trays, RGB lightings, and other stuff.

Now if you are willing to spend around 6000 on a gaming cabinet, then check out the best gaming cabinets under 6000 listed below.

Apart from the space, lightings, the gaming cabinets that you get under this price segment come with good looks, solid build quality, support for liquid cooling.

Overall, once you get such cabinets, then you don’t need to go for an upgrade after 2 or 3 years of usage.

So, here are the top 5 best gaming cabinets under 6000:-

best gaming cabinets under 6000-circle_cc830

5.Circle CC 830

When it comes to value for money gaming cabinets, Circle is one brand which offers great quality gaming cabinets at good pricing.

The Circle CC 830 is one of their high-end gaming cabinets, currently, the device at presents for sells for around 5000 INR.

The CC 830 is available in two variants; Black & White, the White variant cost a bit less than the Black variant.

One of the key reasons to buy the CC 830 is the number of expansion slots that you get.

Unlike the typical gaming cabinets under 5000 which comes with 6-7 expansion slots, the CC 830 comes with 9 expansion slots; 3 dedicated drive trays for HDD, 3 for SDD.

In addition, there is a dock at the top which lets you add one more SDD to your system. And at the top, you get 3 more trays for Optical drives, but those trays can be used for adding additional SDDs.

Moving on, for cooling, you get five 120mm LED fans, which comes pre-installed, so you don’t need to spend any extra buck for getting one.

The CC 830 can house graphics cards having a length of 310 mm.

For connectivity and control, the CC 830 comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 ports, and two dedicated buttons for controlling the LED fans mounted at the top and front.

Overall, if you have a tight budget, then the CC 830 is one of the best gaming cabinets under 6000, that you can’t miss to check out.

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best gaming cabinets under 6000-circle_phoneix

 4.Circle Phoenix

The Phoenix is one of the high-end gaming mid-tower cabinets from the house of Circle, it’s is one of the best gaming cabinets that are available in the market under for the pricing of 5000 rupees.

The design and looks for the Phoenix kind of sets itself apart from the other gaming cabinets that you get to see from Circle.

This mid-tower gaming cabinet comes with 5 120 mm cooling fans pre-installed, sadly all of them have red LED lighting instead of RGB, a transparent side panel.

For mounting HDDs and SDDs, there are four drive trays at the bottom, and at the top, there are three more expansion slots which can be used for installing additional SDDs or Optical drive.

Like the CC 830, the Phoenix also comes with a dedicated dock at the top for adding an SSD drive.

As far as adding graphics card is concerned, the Phoneix supports any modern-day graphics card given the length should be within 400mm.

Quite similar to the CC 830, the Phoenix gaming cabinet comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and two dedicated buttons for controlling the front and top cooling LED fans.

The Circle Phoenix is one of the best gaming cabinets under 6000 that you should look out for.

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best gaming cabinets under 6000-corsair_carbide_spec_alpha

3.Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA

When we talk about high-end gaming cabinets then names like Corsair, Thermaltake, Asus ROG, Cooler Master, are some of the common names that usually come to our mind.

If you are looking for the best gaming cabinets under 6000, then the Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA is one gaming cabinets that you should definitely check out.

This cooling mid-tower gaming cabinets not only looks different due to its design but also comes with solid build quality.

Along with the gaming cabinet, you even get 3 120 mm cooling fans preinstalled. But if you want to upgrade, the Carbide SPEC-ALPHA has available space to install Liquid cooling.

One of the cons of the Carbide SPEC-ALPHA is the lack of tray for an optical drive tray, but that is not considered a much of bigger issue these days.

Now, let’s talk about drive trays, the SPEC-ALPHA doesn’t come with dedicated drive trays, at the bottom, you can add multiple SSDs and HDDs.

Now the lack of a dedicated card slot also gives you a bit of additional space for mounting liquid cooling and high-end graphics card up to a length of 426 mm.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the Carbide SPEC-ALPHA comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports replacing the old USB 2.0 ports.

If you are looking a unique looking gaming cabinet under 6000, then don’t forget to look at the Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA.

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best gaming cabinets under 6000-coolermaster_masterbox_lite

2.Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5

At number 2 is the Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5, like Corsair, Cooler Master is another brand which needs no introduction.

The MasterBox Lite 5 is undoubtedly one of the best looking cabinets that you’ll find under the 6K price segment.

One of the key reasons for its good looks is the front glass panel which gives the cabinet a cool look.

Now under the hood, there are the 3 cooling fans at the front, which can be of RGB, Red, Green or Blue lighting.

In total, there are 4 cooling fans, and all of them comes pre-installed.

Apart from cooling fan for heating down, you can also install liquid cooling in the system.

The MasterBox Lite 5 comes with modern design which means instead of placing the drive trays at the side, the drive trays are placed at the bottom along with the PSU.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about expansion slots, the MasterBox Lite 5 comes with seven expansion slots which are very typical nowadays, with having support for mounting multiple SDDs and HDDs.

The maximum graphics card length that the MasterBox Lite supports is up to 400 mm, which means you will be able to attach any high-end graphics card you want.

One of the cons of this cabinet is that there is no space for mounting cooling fans at the top, so the heat dissipation in this cabinet isn’t that great what you would expect it to be.

Now if looks do matter to you then the MasterBox Lite 5 is one of the best gaming cabinets under 6000 which you should keep on your checklist.

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best gaming cabinets under 6000-zebronics matrix

1. Zebronics Matrix

If you are looking for the best gaming cabinet under 6000, at present, the Zebronics Matrix is one of the best options that you’ll find in the market.

The Matrix gaming cabinet comes with a transparent panel at the front and the side.

The Matrix has support for 5 cooling fans, and all of them comes pre-installed.

Now if you want, you can also add a liquid cooling system for better heat dissipation and better performance in case you are using very high-end CPUs and GPUs.

Now as far as expansion slots are concerned, the Matrix comes with seven expansion slots, with the drive trays being hidden under at the bottom. Along with the PSU, you can add 2 HDDs, and up to 4 SDDs, if you want too.

The Matrix has good space management; sadly, the graphics card support is up to 380 mm.

But that can be compromised for the RGB lighting and the looks of the cabinet.

For connectivity, there are 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 ports placed at the top. In total, if you are looking to build a modern-day gaming rig then don’t forget to look at the Zebronics Matrix.

That’s all, so these were some the best gaming cabinets under 6000 rupees that you can find in the open market, or you can purchase directly from Amazon.

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