Namaste everyone, I am very excited to welcome you to dreamtodeff.com, but first let me give you a brief introduction to my blog , this is a tech blog which is provided to provide all kind of information related to smartphones, tablets etc , as we all know, in today’s world we cannot think of  surviving even a day without a smartphone, so we think it’s better to stay updated and keep our gadgets also updated . Here you will get all the latest news about new smartphones getting released in the market around the globe. Dreamtodeff’s aim is to keep its reader updated about the everyday modernization taking place of this smartphones and giving the best possible information about the top products available in the market in a simple and  a easy way, to give our readers a clear view so that they can have a much better understanding of these everyday gadgets and the technology revolving around them.

We will try to provide to provide as much as accurate data regarding in our posts. We are committed to making dreamtodeff.com better and bigger platform for our readers.


Hello everyone, I am Ayan Bhattacharjee (founder of dreamtodeff.com) , I come from the state of Tripura, a small state in North East India, by profession I am a student of MCA in Tripura University, I have always had a great interest in gadgets and the technology that revolves around it especially laptops, PC’s, smartphones, games . I don’t know what attracted me so much, but since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by this new modern age invention in the field of technology and how it has been changing our lifestyles day by day, I have been always keen towards knowing more and more about the everyday gadgets we use. I provide most of my free time  for making this blog bigger and better, so that it can be a good platform for everyone , if you think  you need an advice related to smartphones just ask, I’ll try to provide the best possible information I can get and please feel free to give suggestion, because with your support only I will be able to improve my blog and make it better.