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Top 5 smartphones under Rs 15000 having 5000 mAh battery

Other than camera, processor, display, now the battery has also started becoming a key factor for a smartphone,and especially with the kind usage we do in our smartphone, it’s good to have a smartphone which can provide a good backup. So in this post, we are going to mention the top 5 smartphones having 5000 ...

Top 5 budget smartphones under Rs 15,000 having fingerprint sensor

Last year we saw the fingerprint sensor becoming a key aspect in the flagship smartphones, fast forward, the Chinese vendors like Coolpad, Huawei, LeTv, etc also started launching their budget smartphones with fingerprint sensor, so if you are looking to buy a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor under Rs 15000, then please do read this ...

Top 5 smartphones below Rs 10000 with 3 GB of RAM

Smartphones are getting cheaper day by day, as a result users are getting more options to buy, and the best part is that now you can easily get smartphones having a powerful processor, GPU, and more gigs of RAM at a very affordable price. Last year, we saw smartphones with 3 GB of RAM getting ...

Top 5 flagship smartphones of 2015

As the year ends, we give a look at the top 5 smartphones 2015, now these smartphones are basically the flagship smartphones of their respective companies, these devices have a mix combination of good camera, hardware, design, and are loaded with features, which gives the devices a top notch performance. Now, this year many flagship ...

Top 5 best camera smartphones under 15000

Top 5 best camera smartphones under 15000 Nowadays,  everybody wants to have a smartphone with a good set of cameras, and for many people, camera quality has become the top most priority. With the growing competitions & increasing demands, smartphone have now become very affordable, and the good thing is that you don’t need to spend ...