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Top 3 smartphones under Rs 10,000 having fingerprint sensor

Top 3 smartphones under Rs 10,000 having fingerprint sensor Like camera, processor, GPU, battery and display, the fingerprint sensor has also started becoming a key factor for a smartphone’s success, over the past few years, we have noticed that the fingerprint sensor has become a key aspect in most flagship smartphones, and it has also started ...

Top 3 best Samsung smartphones to buy under Rs 15,000

When we usually talk about smartphones and their brands, one of the first names which come to our mind is Samsung, although now the smartphone giant has been facing a tough competition in the budget segment from the Indian and Chinese vendors, but the company managed to launch some pretty good devices last year, so ...

Top 3 affordable flagship smartphones of 2015

Buying a premium flagship smartphone is every smartphone user's dream; but, because of the high pricing of these flagship devices, many fails to afford one, however, as the competition in the smartphone market heated up with the entry of new Indian & Chinese brands in the flagship segment, things have changed completely, and the good ...

Top 3 old flagship smartphones under Rs 15,000

Nowadays, all of us dream of getting high-end flagship smartphone, but for many people, it's not possible due to the high pricing. As we all know flagship smartphones are the top notch product of a smartphone company, and as new models are released each year, the prices of older flagship smartphones are slashed, as a ...

Top 3 smartphones with 3 GB of RAM under Rs 15,000

Multi-tasking always has been a key factor for a Android smartphone, with each passing day, smartphone's applications, UI, bloatware are evolving, as a result most of the mid-range devices slows down when you do heavy multi-tasking , this happens mainly due to the insufficient amount of RAM. Now days, even a smartphone carrying 2 GB ...